Selasa, 20 Oktober 2015

Resep Es Buah Ala Koki Arjuna

Resep Es Buah Ala Koki Arjuna - You need to know that the name cigarettes contain tar and tobacco blends that make your teeth yellow. If you really want to whiten your teeth then you should quit smoking from now on. Besides being able memutihan teeth, smoking also can make your life healthier.

Betel nuts beneficial to take care of our teeth. Betel nuts are believed by the first community can help to whiten teeth. The trick is to burn betel nuts until charred and pulverized until soft. Then rub betel nuts that have been refined to the teeth by using a nut coir or cotton cloth. Perform 2 weeks. And wait for the results. Oh yes, in addition to whiten teeth, betel nut can also strengthen tooth you know!

Did you know, some dairy products sold in the market such as cheese or other foods (yogurt) which contains high calcium will be very well taken to help whiten and strengthen our teeth. So multiply the consumption of foods containing high calcium, especially milk.