Rabu, 08 Juli 2015

That way Fresh Fruit Ice Processing

That way Fresh Fruit Ice Processing – Indonesia has many menu offerings are delicious and refreshing drink that we can taste, in which one of the refreshing drink is iced fruit. As the name implies, fruit ice is made from various kinds of fruit. Could mango, avocado, pineapple, fruit stawberry, and much more. in order to taste more delicious, use fruit that is still fresh or freshly picked.

To make fruit ice is actually very easy, just because there is no standard benchmark whatever fruits are used, make people become confused. Well for those of you who want resepkulinerkreatif.blog.com to make this fresh ice at home, we inform the following recipe and how to make iced fresh fruit for you.

Recipes Make Fruit Ice Fresh and Delicious
- Watermelon Red 100g, diced
- 100 g fresh pineapple fruit, cut into small triangles
- Fruits fresh melon 100 g, made of a marble sphere
- 100 g fresh papaya fruit, diced
- 100 g fresh grapes, halved
- Shaved ice 500 gr
- If only 1 liter water
- Enough vanilla syrup with 5 tbsp
- Sweetened condensed milk as much as 100 ml white

How to make fresh fruit ice with an easy and practical:
1. The first step is to prepare in advance some of the serving bowl. The bowl can be tailored to individual taste, be it white or colored transparent / clear.
2. Make sure before putting the fruit into the serving bowls, all of them have been cut as above earlier.
3. Take all the ingredients of fruits that had been cut earlier. Then enter and order the fruit in a serving bowl. Keep each bowl of various fruits above. Neither the pineapple, papaya, melon, watermelon, or other. set aside beforehand.
4. In a different container mix the resepmasakanenak.blog.com water with sweetened condensed milk. Make sure the sweet taste to the mixture just right, considering this milk will greatly affect the enjoyment.
5. If if it were just right sweetness, please pour the milk into a bowl that already contains fruit earlier. Stir fruit bowl until all ingredients are evenly mixed.
6. Lastly input shaved ice that we have prepared earlier, then pour vanilla syrup on top. Serve while still cold.

That is the recipe and how to make iced fresh fruit. actually for fruits used above there is no standard or benchmark, so you can make ice on this one with fruit according to taste. Various pieces you can use to make ice this one. good luck at home and good luck.