Minggu, 21 Juni 2015

Crispy Ayam Goreng Recipe

Crispy Ayam Goreng Recipe - As well as the beauty and uniqueness of its culture, Yogyakarta or also known as the city of Yogyakarta is also renowned as a culinary warehouse yan tasty tasty. Definitely friends already know and hear the warm delicacy jogja with marinated tofu and tempeh bacemnya that tastes very sweet and the sweet. This time we will make chicken https://urangbungul.wordpress.com/ dishes in also combine with Bacem Jogya famous recipe, namely Fried Chicken Recipes Bacem. Make friends who had lived in Jogja certainly have never felt Bacem delicacy of fried chicken with spices coriander and red sugar. Well to treat such longing, let's look at how to make fried chicken with seasoning chicken bacem below.

Make friends who still live in jogya certainly ith could easily find sellers of sweet, marinated fried chicken is not. But for friends who had left the city that was once the capital city of Indonesia would be a little difficult to find sellers recipes with herbs bacem this chicken. Of course, such as fried chicken recipe to another, this Bacem Recipe fried chicken before eaten with white rice. But the difference adalam bacem seasoning recipe fried chicken is first boiled with various recipes special bacem of Jogja so typical spices and flavors bacemnya really felt until the meat inside.

As well as making tofu and tempeh bacem or warm jogja, Recipe Fried Chicken Bacem also use cumin and brown sugar as one of the secret seasoning. In addition to boil the chicken coconut water is also used so that the results are more legit and delicious. Actually can also use ordinary water, just so that the result is more delicious and approaching the Bacem Chicken Recipes in the place of origin must use this coconut water. Actually in Yogyakarta alone Fried Chicken Recipes Bacem can use chicken or chicken pieces. But for me personally taste situs masakan dishes that use ingredients bacem chicken tastes more savory and more comfortable than the domestic chicken or beef. For more details about what materials are needed and sweet, marinated chicken seasoning and how to make please see below.